There are so many reasons why you have to opt in for a cancellation of chattel mortgage of your car in LTO but what is important is if you don’t have time to do handle the processing and application yourself because either you are too busy taking care of business, work or personal things, you are too busy with family and can’t afford to spend time to undergo the process yourself. You’d rather be more productive and you can’t afford to spend your time trying to take care of this service for your car even if you’ve had it fully paid a few months ago, worse, a year or so ago. Read the rest of this entry »

Traffic Enforcer Busy with Cellphone While on Job

Perhaps it is odd that most of us didn’t know what to do or how to deal with corrupt traffic enforcers trying to leech us out of our pockets or to the least trying to insinuate that we have committed a traffic violation out of swerving. Just in case you didn’t know it, swerving is not a traffic violation. Read below how to counter enforcers trying to beef us up with their wrong conduct over commuters. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Drive Manual Transmission Car

How To Drive Manual Transmission Car

So you are looking forward to study driving lessons from a prestigious driving school or institute out there in Metro Manila. First off there are certain basics you need to learn whether you are looking forward to learn how to drive a manual transmission or automatic transmission car. In a video I found today from searching online in YouTube.Com, I’m glad that there is still some people who have concerns with fellow excited-to-drive motorists out there and share their knowledge in driving. Read the rest of this entry »

cancellation of mortgageCar Collateral and Lending in the Philippines

The lending industry in the Philippines with respect to collateral loan and using car as collateral has increased in the past years. Although there is no data showing that this increase is quite alarming in a sense that many car owners are securing documents for removal of encumbrancy requests due to purpose of using the newly paid auto as collateral for loan, many car manufacturing companies, banks and financing companies also offer lower initial downpayment for buying a new car. Read the rest of this entry »

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lto navotas, lto branches, lto officesIn our quest to provide relevant and useful information to all vehicle owners in the Philippines, we are posting the different LTO branches. Today, it’s time you easily find LTO Navotas satellite office for the purpose of all transaction regarding driver’s license and licensing as well as vehicle issues like registration renewal, removal of encumbrancy, lost plate, lost sticker, lost OR CR, student license application, pro driver’s license application, motor vehicle inspection report (MVIS) and more. Read the rest of this entry »

Today after typhoon Glenda wreaked havoc for more than 2 hours in Caloocan, our house was left with 2 roofs flown away by the strong winds of the first heavy typhoon that hit Metro Manila. Streets according to reports were not passable here and there and while this was all happening, a senseless ruthless bus driver has also been caught on cam wreaking havoc in the highways of EDSA. It’s a Safeway bus with bus number 14209 and plate number TXM 626 or 625. Read the rest of this entry »

lto traffic violationsI was driving along Julia Vargas Avenue and upon crossing ADB Avenue last week, the traffic enforcer (sorry I was not able to get his name because it is too dark where he led us to park due to a violation he only described as “improper use of head light”.

Anyway, the enforcer had us stopping for a hold due to the above mentioned violation. I asked him with a bewildered look. What’s my violation? He uttered “improper use of head light”. I said WHAT? How can that be? Am I not allowed to dim my headlight and have the fog light on instead? He said I was just using my fog light and insisted that I committed the said traffic violation of improper use of headlight. Read the rest of this entry »

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Novaliches, half of this beautiful city by the North is part of Quezon City and half belongs to Caloocan City. Until now, I can’t understand why it is so set up like this when back a few years in my childhood, I only knew one – it belongs to Caloocan City, until I came to know about this fact when I learned how to drive. Read the rest of this entry »