Cancellation of Mortgage Service in LTO for Car Under Financing or Loan in Private Company

There are so many reasons why you have to opt in for a cancellation of chattel mortgage of your car in LTO but what is important is if you don’t have time to do handle the processing and application yourself because either you are too busy taking care of business, work or personal things, you are too busy with family and can’t afford to spend time to undergo the process yourself. You’d rather be more productive and you can’t afford to spend your time trying to take care of this service for your car even if you’ve had it fully paid a few months ago, worse, a year or so ago. Continue reading

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Traffic Violation? Know how to counter a corrupt traffic enforcer trying to take out your purse money

Traffic Enforcer Busy with Cellphone While on Job

Perhaps it is odd that most of us didn’t know what to do or how to deal with corrupt traffic enforcers trying to leech us out of our pockets or to the least trying to insinuate that we have committed a traffic violation out of swerving. Just in case you didn’t know it, swerving is not a traffic violation. Read below how to counter enforcers trying to beef us up with their wrong conduct over commuters. Continue reading

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Video: How to Drive a Manual Transmission Car

How To Drive Manual Transmission Car

How To Drive Manual Transmission Car

So you are looking forward to study driving lessons from a prestigious driving school or institute out there in Metro Manila. First off there are certain basics you need to learn whether you are looking forward to learn how to drive a manual transmission or automatic transmission car. In a video I found today from searching online in YouTube.Com, I’m glad that there is still some people who have concerns with fellow excited-to-drive motorists out there and share their knowledge in driving. Continue reading

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New Student Permit Application Fees and How to Apply

lto student permit sampleKnowing that probably, the LTO is the most corrupt and full of red tape government agency in the Philippines up to this time and year, the only way to combat it is to know what to do and where to go for a service. That being our vision here, today, I would like to make emphasis on new student permit application fees in 2014 so new comers will know outright how much to pay when applying for this ID which allows anybody looking forward to learn how to drive and acquire or apply for a non-pro or professional driver’s license later on. (full photo credits to Continue reading

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LTO Mandaluyong Branch

Mandaluyong is a beautiful city today while the traffic is enormously a pain in the as* in many major thoroughfares in town. If you are having trouble with your car or vehicle or motorcycle plate and registration or encumbrancy notation in your OR CR, below is the complete location address and contact details of (Land Transportation Office) LTO Mandaluyong branch and district office. You may opt in for our extra service of mortgage cancellation / release and name transfer of your official receipt and car registration receipt HERE.

They entertain vehicle and driver’s license renewal and new application, student license, application requirements and many more. If you want to know the current color coding schemes, number coding scheme and vehicle registration and renewal, you can also ask the authorities there but I am not so sure if red tape is not present in the office. Continue reading

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Did Casino Video Controversy Finally Shook LTO Chief Virginia Torres to Resign?

lto chief virginia torres in casinoIt was all over the internet and social media since the primetime night news aired today that Land Transportation Office chief, Virginia Torres is resigning from post. She said in an interview with media and news correspondents that she is resigning without any hate to anybody especially those who had her in the controversial viral video a couple of months ago. Instead, the chief said she has already forgiven those who are responsible for the video while calling it a set up. Continue reading

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