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In a video I was able to catch up today regarding Robert Blair Carabuena who was caught on camera assaulting a traffic enforcer a couple of months ago, faces the prospect of losing his driver’s license permanently from Philippine Daily Inquirer, it was so disgusting. This is not the right thing to do to traffic enforcers who are doing their job.

On the other hand, I would like utter utmost concern and favor to the enforcer who is just doing his duty to apprehend traffic violators. This time, I would like to say that Carabuena has been the bad example that he is. I’m glad he issued an apology after such a long time. I just hope that it is in his heart to apologize to the people he have disappointed with his wrong act as a commuter. Please watch the video below I watched today. I’ll be posting here from now on a lot of other videos related to traffic violation in case I find one online via search in YouTube.Com.

Please be reminded that this video is not mine and may also be found searching the indices of YouTube.Com. If you have any concerns regarding this video, please contact the respective owner and uploader of the video.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    PLEASE investigate the Masbate LTO OIC MS. MARICAR B. BUTALID.
    1. Collecting 100 per unit for renewal of 4 wheels motor vehicles and 50 per unit for renewal of 2 wheels motor vehicle and collection of 100 per unit for tricycle for hire without BIR tax clearance.
    2. Collection of 500 up to 1000 per applicant for new renewal of drivers license depending on restriction code.
    3. Collection of 500 for 4 wheels change class PUB, PUV, UV etc.
    4. Collection of 100 to 200 each for new volume registration from dealers Motortrade, Starbike, Norkis, Rusi, Pinoy bike, etc.
    5. Accepting renewal transaction of motor vehicle for her own benefit.
    6. Favoring insurance companies by collecting commission.
    7. Borrowing money from clients with transaction at LTO Masbate.
    8. Maligning LTO employees infront of LTO clients.
    9. Frequent announcement of insurance agents as fixers where in fact, She Butalid is the number one LTO fixer.
    10. Averaging a daily collection of 10,000 for license, 2000-3000 collection MVS renewal plus new registration or an estimated collection of 15,000-20,000 daily, depending on the volume of transaction.

    Hoping for your instant action in this matter. Thank you.

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