Today after typhoon Glenda wreaked havoc for more than 2 hours in Caloocan, our house was left with 2 roofs flown away by the strong winds of the first heavy typhoon that hit Metro Manila. Streets according to reports were not passable here and there and while this was all happening, a senseless ruthless bus driver has also been caught on cam wreaking havoc in the highways of EDSA. It’s a Safeway bus with bus number 14209 and plate number TXM 626 or 625.

A netizen and good samaritan, Gaby Herbosa took time to take a video shoot and share it on Facebook today where more than 6k shares have been spread all throughout the timeline walls. I am now sharing this consent so the LTO knows that these kinds of drivers deserve to be banned from any street in the Philippines and their driver’s license confiscated and permanently suspended from driving any vehicle. Just watch the video below that I borrowed from Facebook page of the netizen.

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