There are so many reasons why you have to opt in for a cancellation of chattel mortgage of your car in LTO but what is important is if you don’t have time to do handle the processing and application yourself because either you are too busy taking care of business, work or personal things, you are too busy with family and can’t afford to spend time to undergo the process yourself. You’d rather be more productive and you can’t afford to spend your time trying to take care of this service for your car even if you’ve had it fully paid a few months ago, worse, a year or so ago.

Well, then, fear not, we can handle the process and undergo everything else for your car’s cancellation of mortgage needs and have the notation of encumbrancy removed in your OR CR. All of the process plus we deliver right in your doorstep, the very document you will need. All you have to do is to pay Php 3,500 and we’ll handle everything else so that you can enjoy your life and be more productive.

We have another service which most car owners can opt in for like the OR CR transfer of name from the original owner of the car to your name if you bought it from another owner or a car dealer. We have two types of service here which is by appearance and non appearance. Just fill out our form below and state your case.


This service is open only to private vehicles and only in Metro Manila areas.

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One Response to “Cancellation of Mortgage Service in LTO for Car Under Financing or Loan in Private Company”

  1. Jovil Limoso Says:

    Why is it that the issuance of the 2013 registration sticker was made a pre-requisite to this process when it is not the public’s fault that there are insufficient stickers for issuance. I have already registered my vehicle in July, but there have been no available stickers for issuance since. I also have facilitated the cancellation of the mortgage service of my vehicle, but I was told that it cannot be facilitated by LTO because their database indicates that I was still not able to get my 2013 sticker. I waited for the sticker, it is still not available up to now. I need money, and I intend to sell my vehicle since last year, so this process is giving me problems. Please advise next steps.

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