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New Student Permit Application Fees and How to Apply

lto student permit sampleKnowing that probably, the LTO is the most corrupt and full of red tape government agency in the Philippines up to this time and year, the only way to combat it is to know what to do and where to go for a service. That being our vision here, today, I would like to make emphasis on new student permit application fees in 2014 so new comers will know outright how much to pay when applying for this ID which allows anybody looking forward to learn how to drive and acquire or apply for a non-pro or professional driver’s license later on. (full photo credits to Continue reading

Professional (pro) Driver’s license Fees, Requirements and Qualifications

We now have the list of professional (pro) driver’s license fees enumerated and itemized below which should be paid by the applicant before any other process. LTO driver’s license application form (download) is available in the nearest designated branches of the Land Transportation Office in your area. Continue reading

Land Transportation Office Philippines (LTO)

So what really is LTO or Land Transportation Office? By simple terms, LTO is the agency of the Philippine government that handles all matters regarding license for drivers, car registration, renewal of these documents and more which comprise all sorts of land transportation vehicles.

This means that if your vehicle is based in the sea, you have somewhere else to go get your documents duly taken cared of like in MARINA. If you are looking forward to find the different LTO branches for whatever purposes like drivers license registration and renewal as well as lost license issues, this is also the department where you take of it. On the other hand, if you have concerns regarding your car, this is the same agency that takes care of that not including private insurance companies that accept insuring your car in different packages and offers. Continue reading