There are so many driving schools in the Philippines all over Metro Manila. In the provinces, you can also find branches scattered who offer driving tutorials for people willing to learn how to drive.

If you are looking for cheap driving schools in Metro Manila, Philippines, chances are, you will end up looking for their respective websites online. The thing is, right now, there are only a few of these driving schools offering to market their driving tutorial services online.

Most of these driving schools don’t even have their own professional business website and do not compete in marketing what they offer via online venue. Below are only some of the popular list of driving schools that you can try to enroll for a driving tutorial or driving lesson.

Training centers however are usually located all over Metro Manila and scattered in other popular destinations for those who are looking to learn how to drive using either manual car or automatic car. See our list of driving schools below.

A1 Driving School
Polaris Driving School
Socialites Driving School
F1 Driving School
Smart Driving School
Honda Driving School

The following driving schools above, however had to be duly accredited by the LTO before they can operate, according to a friend whom I talked to. I made this post because I am on my way to learn how to drive safely like a professional driver while on the street and not just to learn how to drive.

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