lto traffic violationsI was driving along Julia Vargas Avenue and upon crossing ADB Avenue last week, the traffic enforcer (sorry I was not able to get his name because it is too dark where he led us to park due to a violation he only described as “improper use of head light”.

Anyway, the enforcer had us stopping for a hold due to the above mentioned violation. I asked him with a bewildered look. What’s my violation? He uttered “improper use of head light”. I said WHAT? How can that be? Am I not allowed to dim my headlight and have the fog light on instead? He said I was just using my fog light and insisted that I committed the said traffic violation of improper use of headlight.

Another thing I noticed is that it seems some enforcers really don’t know what they are talking about. The minute he said that I committed a violation of improper use of headlight and that I only had my fog light on, I noticed he doesn’t know anything about cars, automatic cars that is because you cannot just have a fog light on without having your headlight on first so how come he said I only have my fog light on? See! morons are morons and they will try to invent bogus unbelievable traffic violations just to lure you to give them a sum of money.

Here’s the Good Part Being Cautious

To counter bogus charges you don’t even know you committed or you haven’t even heard of, what you should do is to first ask what your violation is. Afterwards, ask for an exact list where the violation is posted. Traffic enforcers must have them always. After asking for the list and lighting up my front seat light to prompt in to read the violation details, he immediately told me “sige sige, yun ang sinabi mo eh” (ok, that’s what you told me). Then, immediately let us go without any more argument.

If the enforcer doesn’t yield in to show you your violation on the list by LTO or LTFRB, don’t bother to argue with him / her, say instead that he should first get his list before he charges you with an unsupported claim.

If the enforcer happens to produce the list where your alleged violation is posted, ask “what mechanics entails the specific violation and how is it committed by a driver or commuter”. Again, if the enforcer fails to explain the mechanics of how the alleged violation is committed and present a black and white document describing it, don’t give in to ticket or confiscating your driver’s license.

Remember in my previous post that no traffic enforcer is entitled to take or get your driver’s license until a clear violation with proof is presented to you upon claim of violating traffic rules. Never voluntarily surrender you driver’s license unless you are involved in a traffic accident. It is your right.

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