So what really is LTO or Land Transportation Office? By simple terms, LTO is the agency of the Philippine government that handles all matters regarding license for drivers, car registration, renewal of these documents and more which comprise all sorts of land transportation vehicles.

This means that if your vehicle is based in the sea, you have somewhere else to go get your documents duly taken cared of like in MARINA. If you are looking forward to find the different LTO branches for whatever purposes like drivers license registration and renewal as well as lost license issues, this is also the department where you take of it. On the other hand, if you have concerns regarding your car, this is the same agency that takes care of that not including private insurance companies that accept insuring your car in different packages and offers.

For the official website of LTO, just go to or type in your browser, and you will be led where you can find different information regarding the Land Transportation Office in the Philippines. Good luck!

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  1. Ritche B. Garay Says:

    Kindly check and verified if this is my license number:J05-11-0067398.hoping for your immediate response and thanking you in advance.

  2. Karina Bernal Says:

    I would like to know your rules and regulations regarding an international driver’s license such as USA. Is it valid within 30 days as US Dept of Motors and Vehicles validates an international license?


  3. cristina basal audea Says:

    where can i ask my copy of my driver license because i lost my license

  4. Sonia Cruz Says:

    hi, ask ko lang kung meron bang online renewal ng expired license,

  5. Cynthia Dumandan Says:

    Please help me find information about having /applying for a vanity plate. What good does having a vanity plate do to a motor vehicle owner? Will it save me from apprehension of traffic enforcers in case i am color coded? Please advice me where I can get a copy of requirements/infos about my inquiry.

    Thank you.

  6. Venancio M. Reyes Says:

    I am working in Bahrain as an OFW. I am a holder of bahrain Driver’s license since 1992. Can I use this drivers license in the Philippines.

  7. Socrates Romanillos Says:


  8. Socrates Romanillos Says:

    making a follow-up on Socrates Romanillos international drivers license

  9. Gina Nana Langga Says:

    Where i can apply online application for driving license?

  10. rosauro Says:

    online renewal of license and registration

  11. fred Says:

    To what numbers on smart do I text the plate or vin #’s of a car I’m looking to buy to check if the car is ok with LTO records

  12. wincel san diego Says:

    i would like to ask if this car palte no. XDF 442 is registered..

    Thank you

  13. Lorna Yumul Says:

    Please kindly send me the requirements to get an student permit driving liscense.

    And also I want to ask howm many days it is required to get a non professional driving liscense.



  14. john Says:

    hi LTO, i would like to ask why my registration of my Van, with plate number DMD261 was already registered. I still waiting for my registration cerficate. I had registered my van At Silang Cavite LTO. and mention by them that, LTO have dificulty in finding my file model. it seems the records of my Van was lost.

  15. Kim King Says:


    How can i get a Driver’s License? Im currently in Canada…

  16. cielo mae verra Says:

    ask lang po kung ung rainbow plate maari po ba mamasada o mamasahero example dasma to lawton. hindi po ba huhulihin o hindi po ba sya colurom?

  17. Ruperto dp alejandro Says:

    My friend mr allan b. Encinares would like to if possible not to renew his non pro drivers license what will happen?His drivers license was with sm manila druvers license renewal bec it was suspended since may 2011 due to allegations from medical staff that he obtained a shabu substance from the urine that they extracted to him.He contested that findings but they ignored.He was told that he should be back after six months when they will tex him.But until now they dudnt tex.renew.he was planning not to renew for the meantime his drivers license.what will happen to his old divers license in sm mnka rnewl ctr ?pls reply.thanx.

  18. Efren A. Pandes Says:

    HELLO,,,I want to know the requirements for renewing a driver’s license for an OFW.

  19. charlie Says:

    what are the needed requirements for my motor cycle lost plate?

  20. charlie Says:


  21. paulino Says:

    may i know if this plate no. XPY581 registered..

  22. jojo Says:

    May online renewal po b kyo ng driving license at san ho pwede magrenew slamat

  23. Mai Co Says:

    i would like to complain ur LTO Tayuman…. why? my husband renewed his non-pro license yesterday at SM Hypermart, Pasig City… He completed all the necessary requirements and test. Were just waiting for the release when one of the personnel their who assisted him said that SOMEONE ALREADY RENEWED LAST MARCH so he cannot process the renewal and he must go to Tayuman!!!! I dont think its a mistake because THEY CHANGE THE ADDRESS!!!! and as of now, my husband is still waiting at TAYUMAN and the person who received his papers wont comeback……….. THEY USE MY HUSBAND’S [email protected]!!!!!

    APPROVER ID NCR 100314

  24. roland Says:

    i would like to know,i have a tricycle under my name is it possible to register under different name?

  25. Jane Says:

    Hi! I just want to ask which branch can we get a ‘driving experience certificate’. Can we get it from the Philippine Consulate in Toronto? What are the requirements for such. Thanks…

  26. Bennie B. Yang Says:

    How do I go about replacing my lost driver’s license, aside from making an Affidavit of Loss, which I have already done. Where do I file it?

  27. Jose P. Andal Says:

    Can I know if registration of Car # VDC 366 is valid and whose name and address the same is registered?

  28. Toti Says:

    May I know whose name and address of the car with plate No. VDC 366 is registered

  29. Toti Says:

    May I know whose name and address of Car plate No. is registered

    Thanks a lot

  30. Toti Says:

    May I know under whose name and address of Car Plate No. VDC 366 is registered

    Thanks a lot

  31. eric casabar Says:

    We have a doubt regarding SUV top carrier i would like to here from the side of LTO if this is allowed to installed in SUV, SEDAN etc. without approaching LTO dept. or Do we need to register this as well can you give me an item in LTO dept. saying that only tarpaulin, “tolda” are only allowed so we can travel, lots of high-way patrol are stopping us because they say garter net type with plastic is not allowed which is more stronger because of garter reinforment apart from tarpulin they are implementing if there is such rules. please reply

  32. dinah ramin Says:

    Good day!

    I would like to know the location of your branch with agency code 1380.

    Thank you.


  33. roger borromeo Says:

    would like to know if nwq 855 is really registered.

  34. nell Says:

    hello LTO Philippines just what to ask in need to renew my registration of my Pick up 2010 model, how much it cost for the registration pls. let me know so i can be ready this December for my renewal of my pick up thank you in advance hope you can help me godbless andd more power..

  35. arcan eugenio Says:

    Tanong lang po kung magkano ang aabutin lahat lahat ng motorcycle registration kapag paso na ng 5 years… di kasi ni renew ng may-ari pamula ng binili ang motor… Balak ko kasing bilin ang motor nya…
    Salamat po…

  36. Arvin Vicente Says:

    Meron bang site ang LTO na pwedeng iview oh pwede ba makita kung talagang nakapangalan na sa kin ang OR/CR? ung tinatawag nilang “Print Screen ng OR/CR?”.

  37. yrcureM Says:

    please check motorcycles in cagayan de oro city. most motorcycles here are using exhaust that makes the motorcycles very noisy. it is too loud for a quite neighborhood. maybe the next time they register, please make a regulation or something that those motorcyles not on their tock exhaust system will not be registered until futher equipped with the stock exhaust!

  38. ELSA Says:

    Good evening po tanong ko lang po kung saan pwedeng ireklamo ung driver ng jeep byaheng quiapo pier na may UVL 340, kasi po naniningil ng sobra en pinahaharurot pa po ung sasakyan nya ng sobrang bilis habang nakikipagtalo sa akin e marami po akong kasamang bata en hindi po nya ako binaba sa bababaan ko kahit na doon po tlaga ang unloading area dahil po siguro may mga traffic enforcer na pwede kong sumbungan. ang hindi ko po mapalagpas ay yung pinaandar nya ung jeep habang bumababa ung mga bata. Sana po mabigyan ng leksyon ung driver para malaman nya kung ano ang tungkulin nya sa buhay ng pasahero nya.
    Marami pong salamat.

  39. Melodie Says:

    I am a foreigner and lived quite a long time in Manila. I got a local non professional driving license that expires in 2013-04-21.
    License No: N02-10-025924
    I am trying to turn my driving license into a french one since I am back in France.
    They are asking me “un certificat des droits a conduire, justifiant qu’ils ne sont ni suspendus ou annules”: meaning, a certificate proving that my filipino driving license stills valid, and isn’t cancelled.
    How can I get that?

    I look forward to your reply.

    [email protected]

  40. ernesto lazaro Says:

    itatanong ko lang po kung anong requirements sa student permit? thanks po

  41. Donald Lecraw Says:

    Can you please send to my email address a copy of the driving regulations of the Philippines or information on how to access this document.

  42. Rafael Marmeto Says:

    I would like to know what to text at smart to verify the license plate registration of a vehicle.

    I hope you could help me.

    Thank you

  43. Vicente Bicbic Says:

    ask ko lang po if pwede magrenew na motorcycle registration online… thanks po…

  44. larry Says:

    May I know under whose name and address of Car Plate No. NAV 615 is registered

    Thanks a lot

  45. jason Says:

    good evening po mam sirs

    ask lang po paano po ba makukuha ang lisensya ko ang violation ko po ay no back light
    pumunta na po ako sa marilao dahil don po ako nahuli.
    ang problema po pagpunta ko po don hinanap po sakin kung nasan ang sasakyan na ginamit ko. sabi ko naman po hindi ko na po alam dahil hiniram lang po ng opisina namin yung sasakyan. ang isa pa pong problema naibinta na daw po yung sasakyan.
    ano po ba ang gagawin ko para makuha ang lisensya ko maraming salamat po.

    best regards
    jason dolar

  46. todolfo velarde Says:

    may i know the owner of motorcycle en-1336 if registered in your office

  47. krixa Says:

    hi gud eve !!

    question lang po , ilan po ang private car owners sa caloocan po.. importante lng po , para lang po sa feasibility studies po namin.. Thank You .. Need lang po talaga ASAP.

  48. Rene Says:

    Dear LTO,
    I would like to report my plate No. ZP 1433 was lost on July 15, 2012, how shall I do to replace my plate. Thank you.

  49. hazel escario Says:

    i live in canada too and iam trying to mine too here but they want me to get a driving record from where i use to live in cebu

  50. hazel escario Says:

    did you get yours yet?

  51. christian nicerio Says:

    i would like to inquire how to get a copy of driving record stating how long I’ve been driving there in the Philippines. i need this for my insurance. thanks

  52. christian nicerio Says:

    i would like to inquire how to get a copy of driving record or “driving experience certificate” stating how long I’ve been driving there in the Philippines. i need this for my insurance. thanks


    HOW MUCH THE EXPENSES for registration


    what is the history of this car plate no. UKU141

  55. Bern Says:

    Hi! May I know if we still need to register my motorcycle if I convert it to electric?


  56. Oscar Magallanes Says:

    May I know under whose name and address of Car Plate No. TOY 888 is registered

    Thanks a lot

  57. boyet Says:

    papano ko makikita sa website ng LTO kung naka transfer na sa pangalan ko ang sasakyan kasi walang pang dumarating na papers for transfer sa aking pangalan?

  58. babylyn sakaue Says:

    i lost my Certificate of registration but i have my official receipt 708695002 can i have the duplicate of my CR no. the copy of my Cr

  59. babylyn sakaue Says:

    can i have the duplicate of my certificate of Registration because i lost my Cr and i dont have any copy of it please help me to have my Cr duplicate but i have My Official Receipt 708695002 My plate number of my car is TGF 661

  60. Jessie m. Soliman Says:

    I want to know if the plate number UHB 779 is still registerd to LTO tnx

  61. Jessie m. Soliman Says:

    May i know whose register name of plate number UHB 779

  62. erwin Says:

    sir ano po ibig sabihin ng ICC sa helmet?bakit po kailangan?tnx

  63. Francis Ian Alar Says:

    What are the requirements on getting a duplicate CR. Because I lost my original copy of CR.

  64. Jlomotan Says:

    Hi, may i know the procedure on plate no. Dropping. From taxi to private vechile? Thanks

  65. Ana Maria Soriano Says:

    My daughter has been living in Geneva for 2 years now. She wants to get a Swiss drivers license. What was told they she needs to get a Certification from LTO saying that the agency issued her license , including the first date of issuance should be in the document. Where can I get this certification? Thank you.

  66. Uly Says:

    I had a problem, my driver’s license was confiscated by LTO officer last July 19, 2012. My violation is “passenger were not fasten his seatbelt”. The car i use was purchase in commonwealth quezon city last july 13, 2012 and just arrived in bacolod last july 19, 2012. it has an sticker on windshield UA 8313. In claiming my driver’s license what would i bring to present in LTO.

  67. gladdie mondelo Says:

    i would like to ask, what are the requirements of renewing non prof driver’s license. is official receipt and CR are needed aside from the I.D itself?

  68. Dei Says:

    How much and should I go about lost license

  69. Deim Pagarao Says:

    How much and how should I go about lost license

  70. Napoleonjr. Says:

    inquire ko lang po, ano po ba requirements & procedure sa pagrerenew ng rehistro ng kotse na may kadahilanan: (1). Lost Orig. CR na di pa po transfer sa name ko pero may photo copy po ako at may orig. n OR at Deed of Sale. (2). Expired registration last april2012, any penalty? Just incase, Gaano po ba katagal ang process na ito at mga magkano aabutin ng fees, model 2004 honda city. Salamat

  71. alfredo forro jr Says:

    magtatanong lang po if yung mga motor po na 2 stroke marerenew pa po ba after 5 years of expiry,kasi nakabili po ako ngayung august 20 po mag 4 years na pong d pa narerenew,problema ko po kasi after 2 years pa ako matatapos na kontrata ko dito sa saudi pag uwi ko po ba ma rerenew ko pa ba?salamat po tlaga i need your reply badly thanks so much

  72. alfredo forro jr Says:

    sana po masagot nyo ang tanong ko thanks you so much

  73. mylene Says:


    Good Day!

    ask ko lang po magkano renew ng rehestro/sticker ngayon?

    tnx po

  74. mildred cordova Says:

    We are the bona fide students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Quezon City Campus, currently enrolled in the subject MARK 4063 Feasibility Study under Professor Melba Asuncion. As a part of our academic requirement, we are required to make a feasibility study on organizing a business entitled, “AUTORAGEOUS” car services.

    In this regard, we are requesting from your good office to give us information and details we will needing for this special activity. We would like to know the number of registered car owners in Barangay Holy Spirit starting from the year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

    We will greatly appreciate the support you will grant for us to successfully finish this academic requirement; and for bearing with us.

    Rest assured that all information and details gathered during the survey will be dealt with strict confidentiality. Kindly email us at [email protected].

    Thank you very much and more power. God Bless!

  75. Romy Sarabia Says:

    To LTO in-charge personel!
    I own a car registered in Polomoloc City since 3 years (its a place near Gen. Santos City)
    Question? Since I am living in Davao City, What is the proper and legal way to have this registration transfered to Davao City. I tried 2 times to have the renewal of this registration in Davao City LTO but I am always adviced to have it done in Polomoloc LTO. Thank you in advance for whatever legal advice.
    Very respectfully,
    R. Saravia

  76. Romy Sarabia Says:

    To LTO,
    Sir, Please inform us what is really the regulation standards about Motorcycle helmet?

    note: I notice that there are a lot of questions asked before me and nobody from the LTO answer anyone… What’s wrong with you guys? Please lets start serving the people of the republic.

  77. Ezen Says:

    In the past years, LTO used to post on the web the registration of vehicles due for renewal for the month for example: DCA569 (9 correstponds to the month when it is due for renewal). Do LTO still do this? I can’t seem to find it. Please can you send me the link if it still exist… Thanks.

  78. IVAN KARLO Says:

    can i know if this ford lynx have a clean record?
    Plate no. XLY 311 / RED

    thanks ..i need immediate response

  79. juvy sales Says:

    ask lng po ako kng nag hire ba kayo ng mga applicant ngayon kasi po meron po akong narinig dito sa mindanao na hiring po daw kayo nationwide? nanghihingi ba kayo ng cashbond sa bawat applicant na matatanggap?
    hope na masasagot nyo ang mga tanong ko po kasi po gusto ko lng po maninigurado kasi malaki po yong 5 to 10 k na cashbond.

  80. Rayan Soria Says:

    Anu po requirement’s pagkuha ng license?

  81. ilyn catalan Says:

    hi, i would like to know kung anu pwede gawin kasi nawala ung orig deed of sale, orig C.R ng truck nabili ko. plate no. KFC 197.papalipat ko na sana name ko ngayun.
    salamat po.

  82. JERY FABIAN Says:


  83. Mario Says:

    I purchased a new vehicle last June 8, but until this day (Sept. 2) my dealer/agent has not yet given me my plate number. He’s telling that the problem daw in the delay is there in the LTO itself. Can you please clarify? thanks

  84. Cesar Gozon Says:

    My car registration has expired for 14 months now. I’m abroad right now and what will be the penalty for expired registration? thanks…

  85. Cesar Gozon Says:

    My car registration has expired 14 months now because I’m in U.S.A. What will be the penalty for this expired registration? Can I register the car using the Internet? Thanks

  86. Cesar Gozon Says:

    My car registration is 14 months expired now because I’m abroad so what will be the penalty charge for expired registration…Thanks

  87. erick Says:

    gud eve po. .paverify ko lng po sna ung motor n YAMAHA n my plate no. 5473 PG kung ano po ang issues or history?tnx and GOD bless. .

  88. mccay seetiong Says:

    papa dahan po ako ng ninong ko sa japan ng motor panu ko po kukunan ng plate at panu i register at malaki po ba ang aking magagatos?

  89. raffy narvaez Says:

    pls check the registration of the car PJO601 sumabit sya sa side mirror ng car ko at bumakat ang kulay ng car ko sa car nabali nya side mirror ko, at gusto bayaran ko daw sya,siya na ang nakasabit ako pa pababayarin nya,,

  90. Rudy Lim Says:

    How many days does it takes for the release of Clearance from Manila ( transfer of ownership) . It’s more than a month from now. Mabagal masyado. Request for Clearance coming from Zamboanga City. Is it necessary that this request be forward or be written to the Secretary of DOTC?

  91. Niño Callueng Says:

    Hi, I’m planning to apply for a drivers license since i’m going to buy a motor for my own service going to work. Do I need to apply first for student permit or can i directly apply for non prof license? I’m 21 years old already.

    Thank you and God Bless

  92. roel Says:

    Hey good morning to all. ask ko lng ano dapat kong gawin i lost my wallet togeter with my lisence, pano ako mkkkuha ulit ng bagong lisence? Thanks sa lahat

  93. roel mantaring Says:

    Dear LTO,
    good morning po, ask ko lng po ano po pwede kong gawin kasi nawala po ang wallet ko together with my drivers lisence, ano po pwede kong gawin to get a new one? Thank you

  94. maimai Says:

    Paki-verify naman po itong BDZ288…
    balak po kc naming bilhin…tnx po..
    Asap po sna…salamat.

  95. shellie Says:

    i don’t think anyone from this site is answering queries. even the official lto website isn’t loading/unavailable.

    just so you know people of lto, marami na nananakawan ng identity sa loob ng mga head offices ninyo. my dad included. buong pangalan, address, registration info, the whole enchalada kinopya. nung mag reregister na siya nitong week lang, sinabi ng provincial office na naka reg na sa pasig???? tama ba yon??! na-hack ata ang system ninyo, paki ayos naman. and paano yung totoong mga may ari ng naka register na sasakyan? anong magagawa ninyo for them? ganun na lang ba yon? gawaan niyo naman ng paraan yan. kasi ilang taon na yung sasakyan namin sa amin, this time nanakaw pa sa min yung registration sticker and pati identity ng dad ko kinuha pa. what’s your take on that?

    no need to answer this… we need you to ACT!!! NOW!

  96. JM Says:

    My license has expired last year, and i have lost the actual ID but i still have my license number. How much will it cost me if i renew it his year? and also what do i need to provide for the renewal?

    Thanks in advance.

  97. Kath Says:

    eventually! nakuha na nman yung license nang dad ko.. yung reason sa ticket is “no CR / OR carried” actually meron kaming dala pero yung LTO – R6 with a car plate # SCH 111 sabi hindi daw valid yung registration OR / CR na dala namin.. sa sementeryo kami pupunta hindi sa highway..syempre ganyan talaga agad sasabihin niyong mga tga LTO pra lang maprove ninyo na good citizen kayo eh bakit hindi ninyo erelease agad yung mga CR/OR and even yung plate no agad?? hindi yung pra kayong kung sino manghuli yun pala palpak naman pala kayo sa services ninyo.. try niyo sanang maging honest hindi yung manghuhuli kayo pra lang sa publicity ninyo or pra lang sa “other” modus ninyo..

  98. Emmanuel Says:

    bumili ako nang motor and sabi nung binilhan ko nang motor na sila yung mapaprocess nung registration sa LTO eh almost 4 months na hanggang ngayon wala prin yung plate no ko and registration!! tapos huhulihin kukunin lang pala yung lisensya ko kasi hindi daw registered yung motor ko eh dapat naman wag kayong kukupad kupad.. ang hahambog pa ninyong manghuli yun pala kayo rin pala yung may kasalanan tapos babayaran pa namin kayo kasi my violation kami grabe naman kayo mangwarta! akala ko sa manila LTO lang yung ganyang habit pati rin pala dito sa LTO REgion 6!! grabe ha!! maging honest naman kayo!!!

  99. Erwin Fresnido Says:

    Good Day,
    I dont know if this site from LTO is applicable for my question,but i will raise narin my concern/questions since bka posible nman na msagot problem q.
    ibbenta kna po kasi yung motor ko and may buyer nko,ngayon ang gus2 ng buyer ko sya na gagawa ng DEEDS pumayag nko ksi bawas gastos sakin yun dba,ksi ipapa notaryo kpa.ngayon ang gus2 nya provide na deeds ay “OPEN DEED OF SALE” at “CLOSED DEED OF SALE/DEED OF SALE” diba po sa open deed of sale posible na maabala pko or maging liable pko if ever gamitin sa masama ng buyer yung binenta kong motor? pero since my Closed Deed of Sale/Deed of Sale din naman pwede kba gamitin yun as a proof na binenta kna yung motor sakanya na ginamit sa masama or pwede bko mging FREE of LIABLE sa khit anong msamang paggamit nya ng motor?
    Thank You very much po…sna po ay matulungan nyo po ako at mabigyan ng advice regrding po dito.God Bless!

  100. Rey Cordova Says:

    The Angeles, Pampanga LTO require our delivery trucks (10-wheel tri axle) to have yellow plates. They have been confiscating plates (green) of our delivery trucks each time we deliver to Pampanga, and only in Pampanga. In other delivery areas of Luzon (Northern and Southern) our delivery trucks have no problem with LTOs in these areas except Pampanga. Is the Pampanga LTO correct?

  101. William Chan Says:

    Sir or Madam,

    Good day! I violated late registration with my L-300, and being stop by an Traffic enforcer with a red citation ticket and took away my plate, how much fine should I pay
    to get back my plate and I will proceed to LTO for registration. please reply me as soon as possible…

    Thanks William,

  102. Lance Doyour Says:

    Ask ko lang sana kung ano ba talaga ang standard pagdating sa helmet? kung sakaling maayos nman lahat meaning walang sira pero more than 3 yrs na . . . pwede paba palagyan ng DTI sticker yun? naghahanap kc ko ng standard list from LTO parang wala ata kayong nilalabas.

  103. juby lagrosa Says:

    magkano po ba tubos ng lisensya na ng wlang helmet?paki sagot nman po

  104. juby lagrosa Says:

    jan po sa main sa east ave at may seminar pa bo yan

  105. Jek Billones Says:

    kindly check vehicle Isuzu Hilander with plate # WME-566 (green plate), no plate attach on the front, with passenger north bound. Nasabitan nya ako sa harap ng waltermart munoz, tinakbuhan ako at mukhang colorum. nag text nko sa ltfrb hotline 09214487777 mukhang wlang reply? na receive kya? Your response will be highly appreciated.


    Jek Billones

  106. ronaldo manaluz Says:

    sir/madam;tanong kulang po ang pagpapa change owner ng motorcyle at panu po ang sistema nito ano ano po ang mga requirments ,at kung magkano po kaya aabutin ng mag pa change owner kasi gusto ko po sanang sa aking pangalan na nakapangalan na ung motor,sana po masagot ang aking katanungan…god bless,,,,

  107. francis Says:

    use the ABSOLUTE DEED OF SALE FOR MOTORIZED VEHICLE. pwde ka magdownload ng forms sa net. tapos you can stipulate na wala na sila habol sayo kung aumang mangyari

  108. zemon reniva Says:

    meron lang po kasi ako itatanong sa inyo kasi po. meron po akong driving
    licenses non-pro noon pang 2001 kinuha ko po iyon sa LTO taytay rizal.
    kaso po nawala ko po iyon dahil nadukutan po ako ng wallet. nag kataon
    naman po na paalis na ko ng susunod na araw papuntang abroad kaya hindi
    ko na sya nalakad pa. ngayon po nandito na po ako sa ibang bansa nag
    wowork makakakuha pa po ako ng duplicate nun kahit matagal na nawala
    sakin iyon? at ano po bang mga requirements ang kailagan para makakuha
    po ng duplicate nun.
    sana po ay masagot ninyo ako kasi matagal ko na po gusto malaman kung
    ano gagawin.

    maraming salamat po.

  109. John Says:


    I wonder if its possible to renew my driving license while im abroad, is there a way to do it online? and what where the requirements do I have to prepare??

    thanks and God bless.

  110. Mithel Says:

    Good Afternoon po sir, tanong ko lang kng bakit hindi po namin mapa.register ung aming sasakyan dito sa bacolod? 4 yrs. na po namin itong pinapregister sa Danao, Cebu city, gusto namin kasi e.transfer dito sa Bacolod ung pagregister nito…kasi malaki ang binabayaran namin kng doon pa.eregister sa Danao! So paano po un sir?

  111. Tammy Nopal Says:

    Romy tama ka nakakabanas ng website na ito dahil maraming nag tatanong wala namang sumasagot…much better to delete this site dahil wala namang kwenta…

    Sir DIRECTOR of LTO can you please take action to this site,,,I thing you have the power to assign empolyee to answer our Question.

  112. raymond lopez Says:

    gud day. ask ko lng po kung mgkno ang renewal ng motor ko? xpired n kc un ng 3 years.

  113. Hernie A. Palomo Says:

    gud day,sana matulungan nyo ako 1 year na ang application ko from non prof to prof pero until now hindi pa rin na process dahil na RSU daw ang license ko at matagal daw nag reply ang lto central office sabi ng taga lto dito sa amin sana matulungan nyo ako mapaloap ito dahil naapektohan na ang hanapbuhay ko dito sa amin..taga ipil ako zamboanga sibugay.

  114. Hernie A. Palomo Says:

    sir/madam gud pm,pwede nyo ako matulungan 1 year na yong application ko from non prof to prof dirvers license pero until now hindi pa rin lumabas ang result dahil na RSU daw yong license ko matagal daw nagpadala ng result ang lto central office sabi ng taga lto dito sa amin sa ipil, zamboanga sibugay sana matulungan nyo ako dahil masyado ng naapektohan ang hanapbuhay ko dahil wala akong license.

  115. Ana Vistan Says:

    I lost my license. What to do to get a replacement? I am abroad and won’t be back soon.

  116. mark Says:

    magkano po aabutin ng gastos ng magparenew ng rehistro
    frm 2006 util present tym
    expired na po kac

  117. mark Says:

    mtorcycle nga po pla yung irerenew ko
    model 2002 kymco 11o

  118. Regalado Maligaya Says:

    we are here in iloilo city and we plan to buy a
    surplus honda fit in cebu city. can i register it here in iloilo city?

  119. mary ann Says:

    ask ko lang po allowed po ba mag drive dito sa philippines ang uk drivers license holder, kahit hindi kumuha ng license na issue ng lto dito sa philippines?

  120. Seniel Luna Says:

    sir may nabili akong honda civic esi 94, naka registered pa po s unang owner, pag apat na po akong owner ngayon, gusto kong ipalipat na sa pangalan ko ang cr, hindi na ma trace yung first owner, walang ID picture, may signature lang sa unang deed of sale cya. Ano po ang magandang gagawin. Salamat po.

  121. Caysie Batac Says:


    I am currently here in Abu Dhabi. My DL will expire this month. Is there anyway that i can renew it online or here in Abu Dhabi. Hope you can team up with the Philippine Embassy here for the renewal of DL.. I’m sure a lot of Filipinos have the same issue. Thank you and more power…

  122. alex Says:

    kapag more than 10yrs na yun babalik ka ulit sa student permit. kapag di naman kukuha ka ng lost affidafit at puedeng mo nang e renew. that simple bro

  123. john morillo Says:

    sir,madam,,nanakaw po ung wallet ko dito sa saudi arabia kasama Driverlicense ko pero expired na cia since july 2012 ,tanung ko lang po f pwede ako mag renew dito saudi arabia e2o po ung details ko john-john morillo add: kaingin,san antonio bay,laguna nag rrenew po ako san pablo city laguna thank u po,,,,

  124. ariel Says:

    Kukuha po ako ng Guam driver’s license and they require a document from LTO mail to them(DMV). What is that document? How to apply for that document? How long you mail and send here in Guam? How much is the fee? How to pay the fee?

  125. Leah Victoria Says:

    Ask ko lang po kung posible kong malaman kung san ctpl insurance company ng isang sasakyan, thru your office (LTO). Kailangan ko po mag pa issue ng certificate of no claim, para sa sasakyan na nabangga ko. Kaso ayaw makipag cooperate nung owner sa amin, di nya daw alam yung insurance company.

  126. Alex Paredes Says:

    i bought a motorcycle in Cebu last June 2012 and processed the transfer to my name which was done as required. i brought the motorcycle to Manila for use shipped it to Manila, while in my use i lost my license plate the bracket holding it broke without my knowing it. tried desperately to find it but no luck. So i opted to file for duplicate plates at LTO East Ave. (pilot agency) I was told they could not accept my filing for lost plate for reasons i could not understand and that i have to go back to Cebu to file my application for lost plate (duplicate) ship the motorcycle back to Cebu ??????? Why ??????? i was told at the Cebu (Danao) office that the system is already computerized and i could do future transactions at LTO east ave. am puzzled ????

  127. Reynaldo Funtanares Says:

    Nagpa rihestro po ako hinde po ako inesyohan ng stickers at nung nag balik ako para mag parihestro ayaw na kase walaraw sticker ano ang dapat kong gawin

  128. paulino Says:

    ask ko po kung paano at anong kailangan para maayos ang papers. taga santa cruz laguna po ako at bumili po ako ng sasakyan sa Binan. Pinapalitan ko po ng makina. Saan ko po ba dapat dalhin at magkano naman ang fee para malipat sa akin ang title at maireport ang bagong makina?

  129. mylene Says:

    sir.mam ask ko lang po kung pwede tanggalin ung sidecar ng motor ko ??? gusto ko po sana i drive ng walang sidecar …. baka nmn po huliin ako pag my lto private nmn po ung plate no. ko ihhhhh hindi po pang pasada ok lng po ba n i drive kahit walang sidecar ….. nakalagay sa apel ng motor ko w/ sidecar …. un lang po kung pwede po ba idrve ng walang sidecar ???

  130. mylene Says:

    sir.mam ask ko lang po kung pwede tanggalin ung sidecar ng motor ko ??? gusto ko po sana i drive ng walang sidecar …. baka nmn po huliin ako pag my lto private nmn po ung plate no. ko ihhhhh hindi po pang pasada ok lng po ba n i drive kahit walang sidecar ….. nakalagay sa apel ng motor ko w/ sidecar …. un lang po kung pwede po ba idrve ng walang sidecar ???

  131. Jay Says:

    Tanong ko lang po. Di po ba nag-realease ng memo or certification ang LTO about motor vehicles especially motorcycles stating that the said vehicle is under the process of registration kc brand new ung sasakyan. Ang sabi sa akin ng dealer maaari daw magamit yung motorcycle. Ang tanong ko sir; BAKIT NUNG NAPARAAN AKO SA ISANG CHECK POINT DITO SA AMIN SA TARLAC CITY YUNG PULIS DI NYA BINIGYAN PANSIN YUNG CERTIFICATION NA IYON? ALAM PO BA NANG PNP NA NAG-LABAS NANG CERTIFICATION ANG LTO REGARDING SA MGA BRAND NEW NA VEHICLES NA WALA PANG OR/CR KASI UNDER PROCESSING PA?

  132. unknown Says:

    Sir gdpm.ask lng sna ako im here at iligan city..knina ar vound 3pm na huli p o ako ng LTO vilation kpo no side merror…ang naka huli sken kse nkita ko sa name pkate nta c mr.oblina im nt sure da speling bt ng nilagay nya sa teket ko iba name..pwde po ba yn

  133. gilbert bermudez Says:

    querry lang po ako kung itong plate nr MEY 636 ay registered
    po ba

  134. Mina Says:

    Sir magkano po ba total na magagastos if kukuha ng another copy pf CR ng motor? Thanks!

  135. antero amargo Says:

    sir/maam good day, ask lang po ako last january 12 2013 meron akong binili brand new isuzu sportivox d2 sa isuzu leyte at pinangalan ko sa aking anak, nung feb 15 natanggap po ng aking anak yung CR at OR nagulat ako kc sa CR walang naka indicate na plate number pati sa OR at ang plate number na binigay plate number OUY 773 wala namang sticker na kasama na hanggang ngayon wala pa rin akong natatanggap na stickera, at ang nag pa rehistro nito pala yung mga taga isuzu mania.



  137. alfredo sapong Says:

    If one is an owner of battery operated cycle, will it need to be registered.


  138. mario narca Says:

    gud pm, tanong ko lang po bkit po hanggang ngyon wla pa po ung plaka ng sskyan ko na crosswind xl 2013 samantalang last week of november ko pa po nkuha ung sskyan ko sa isuzu pasig???Pkreply po para mlaman ko kung ano ang dahilan…thanks

  139. Syran santiago Says:

    Magkano po tubos ng illegal change color ng motor na mio? Thanks po.

  140. nelson Says:

    madam Asec ala pa ba plaka ng mga bagong biling sasakyan. bumili ako ng isang unit sa mitsubishi,calaocan city since january 2013 hanggang ngayon ala pang dumarating na registration at plaka. Please enlighten me.salamat po.

  141. yogie Says:

    Bumili po ako motorcycle cash po last sept.2012 under RKP gma cavite until now wl p pong plate n binibigay c LTO tagaytay. Kausap ko po c RUBY FERMA ng LTO tagaytay di daw nya makita yung naissue nyang plate sa akin. Pkitulungan naman po magfollow up kc sila pa nagagalit pag nagfofolow up ako. Hoping for your kind and prompt action on this matter…

  142. John Hernandez Says:

    ano po ba ang mga requirements kapag magpapalit ng kulay ng pintura ng sasakyan?

  143. joseph amago Says:

    nawala ang license ko paano uli makakuha

  144. ian iturralde Says:

    Nag papatubos ba ng lisensya ang lto east ave ng sabado?

  145. Concerned Citizen Says:

    WARNING: Dont deal with the name MARA at LTO Las Pinas. She took away Php4000 from me and unfortunately, my license hasnt been renewed. Im not the only person she scammed apparently. One of s complained and she put that person to jail for making a scandal. It’s 4 months already and I still dont have it. :(

  146. marvin monderin Says:

    i stay at valenzuela city and i just want to know where can i get a new driver student is alr
    eady expired tnx!

  147. Angelina santos Says:

    nakabili kami ng sasakyan sa cavite at ang mother file po nmin ng C/R ay nasa LTO IMUS CAVITE so since july 3 , 2013 nag start po ako nagpabalik balik ng IMUS CAVITE lagi po nila sinasabi sa kin di daw makita ang MOTHER FILE nmin ganon na lang po ba yon? 4 months na po akong nagpabalik balik from ANTIPOLO to IMUS CAVITE wala pa ring nangyayari . ano po ba dapat kong gawin , sana matulungan ninyo ko sa problema ko as soon as possible . salamat po

  148. ALVIN ADARLO Says:




  149. jaime manzo Says:

    sir, mayroon po akong motorcycle utility trailer mga 2.5′ w x 3’l x 3’h box type sinubukan ko pong mag aply ng body number para magamit po ng maayos sa aming lugar pero di raw pwede sidecar lang daw po ang pinapayagan nila, pwede nyopo ba akong matulungan para maging ligal ang paggamit nito ,,,,,salamat po

  150. Anthony Says:

    Sir: mag kano poh ba mag pa Nonpro ng license..?

  151. lnda Says:

    My plate # ends with a 1, therefore I am obliged to register it on the month of January. Is there a particular week within the month that I have to register so I do not get a surcharge? For the past years I have always paid an additional percentage because I did not do it on the 1st week. why is this? is there really a rule like that? Please clarify. Thank you.

  152. robin Says:

    Ma’am ano na po update sa motherfile ng sasakyan nyo? same po kasi tayo ng issue. hindi parin mahanap motherfile ng mc ko.

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