Novaliches, half of this beautiful city by the North is part of Quezon City and half belongs to Caloocan City. Until now, I can’t understand why it is so set up like this when back a few years in my childhood, I only knew one – it belongs to Caloocan City, until I came to know about this fact when I learned how to drive.

Just sharing a short information about this interesting city and while that is what it is now, we have the complete location address and contact details of (Land Transportation Office) LTO Novaliches branch and district office.

In this office is where you may may inquire for your driver’s license application requirements, renewal and new application information, student license, number coding scheme, color coding schemes, vehicle registration and renewal, LTO inspection receipt, blue form, MVIR, MVUC and more. You may also find the Land Transportation Office site online at

LTO Novaliches District Office Location

Location Address: 874 Quirino Hi-way, District II, Gulod District 2, Novaliches, Q.C.
Director: Adele P. Fabic
Telephone Number: 417-0338 | 417-8039417

Below is the map location of Novaliches branch of the LTO. You can see the commute and by own car guide on how to get there.

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