Report Abuse

Remember This!

If you are caught by a traffic enforcer and you know you have no violation whatsoever:

1.) Get their mission order for you to be able
to know their area of responsibility, time of duty and official function;
2. “SWERVING” is NOT a traffic violation.


1.) They are not allowed to get your driver’s license unless you are involved in a traffic accident or you got engaged in 3 or more traffic violations.
2.) The traffic enforcer has no right to let you out of your vehicle anytime or at any reason whatsoever.

To report abuse, send the name of the traffic enforcer and your complaints to: [email protected]

If you want to report any abuse from drivers, to vehicles, their respective plate numbers and how drivers behave in the streets as well as abusive law enforcement agencies you encounter while driving or committing any traffic violation, here is where you put them. We all deserve the change we want in the streets and how the rules and laws are applied equally.

You may also report and include any photos or evidences you have regarding your claim so we can all contribute to a better traffic and easy driving on the streets of Metro Manila as well as in the different provinces all over the Philippines. Let us let the LTO know about it. Report Abuse Now!

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