Traffic Enforcer Busy with Cellphone While on Job

Perhaps it is odd that most of us didn’t know what to do or how to deal with corrupt traffic enforcers trying to leech us out of our pockets or to the least trying to insinuate that we have committed a traffic violation out of swerving. Just in case you didn’t know it, swerving is not a traffic violation. Read below how to counter enforcers trying to beef us up with their wrong conduct over commuters.

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Remember This!:

If you are caught by a traffic enforcer and you know you have no violation whatsoever:

1.) Get their mission order for you to be able to know their area of responsibility, time of duty and official function;
2. “SWERVING” is NOT a traffic violation.


1.) They are not allowed to get your driver’s license unless you are involved in a traffic accident or you got engaged in 3 or more traffic violations.
2.) The traffic enforcer has no right to let you out of your vehicle.

Send the name of the traffic enforcer and your complaints to: [email protected]

34 Responses to “Traffic Violation? Know how to counter a corrupt traffic enforcer trying to take out your purse money”

  1. Jom Pavon Says:

    Hi! Just want to share my experience this morning. I was apprehended by a Pasay traffic ofcr (those in green uniforms) in domestic airport rd turning right to andrews ave. my violation was “swerving”. He asked for my license and while he was writing a ticket he added another violation – i was driving an a/t vehicle but my restriction code (rc) is only 2- he said that i should also have rc 4. I explained to him that rc 2 covers both manual and a/t vehucles but he was inistent that rc 2 is only for manual transmission vehicles. He showed me more than 5 confiscated license already and he was saying that i won’t be able to get my license immediately due to my violations. Unfortunately, i gave in to the trap and asked that we “settle” this to avoid the hassle – another thing, his uniform doesn’t have any nametag on it so i didn’t get his name and the visible part of his id is the back part making it difficult to get at least his name. He mentioned that the fine for these violations is P4.5k fine. Questions –
    A. Reading your article, i’m not sure if confiscation of license given the conditions you mentioned above is a general rule or are there local laws that enable these officers to confiscate one’s license
    B. i’ve been researching about restriction codes – please clarify this whether a/t vehicle drivers really need to have addtl restriction code 4 (although it clearly states in the ADL FORM that rc 2 covers both manual and automatic transmission vehicles).
    Thanks and more power!

  2. Lee Says:

    Do you have an idea where to secure Philippine Driver’s Handbook? As a driver myself and planning to invest in the trucking industry, I just to be aware of my rights as a driver. Basically I want to be knowledgeable enough that I can respond to any situation that may happen on the road i.e. accidents, kutong cops or enforce, etc

  3. Marc Says:


    I was driving along Pasong Tamo Extension in Makati City and unknown to me I entered a one way road. I was not really familiar with the place, but I had doubts if I was going the right direction, so I parked in the side and asked a security guard if it was one way. I hardly gone about 20 feet when I the security guard told me it was one way. I was about to make a U-turn, however, from a distance was the barangay patrol jeep and a barangay officer approached me, took my driver’s license, and made me wait for about 30 minutes in the car. He came back, gave me a ticket, and told me that I can redeem my driver’s license for P2000 over at the redemption center. All this occurred in the early hours of Sunday about 2:30am. Is this a legal violation on my part? On my ticket it says Traffic Violation – Others : 157. What is 157? I have 5 working days to redeem my driver’s license, but I’d really like to be enlightened regarding this violation. Thanks!

  4. Mia Arevalo Says:

    It would be great if there would be a complete list of rules and regulations regarding who can take licenses. In Quezon City and Ortigas, local traffic enforcers take it, and it has to be claimed in the local city halls.

  5. bryan Says:

    why is traffic inforcer in cebu or the TMG issueing T.O.P even if we got only 1 violation??

  6. Bert Says:

    is it really allowed for a traffic enforcer(TPMO Pasig) to confiscate my license? because he said it is a city ordinance and he is not a MMDA, Police or Military and when im asking for that copy of what he says City Ordinance he cannot show me one and refuse to give my license back instead issued me a ticket and one more when i asked what is my violation hes telling that he thought i was going straight ahead but i turn left considering that i have signaled going left and im oat the left side then told me that i beat the red light but when i crossed it was still green and became red when i was in the middle

  7. carlos chua Says:

    pwede ba tanggalin ng taga LTO traffic enforcers ang plate ng car ko for violation of smoke belching…nag issue na po sila ng t.o.p. na thanks

  8. Vanessa d Says:

    Oh my God, very same situation as mine. Same place, same order of events like a well-planned modus operandi. Even the amount you mentioned, G-R-R-R

  9. Carlos A. Says:

    i have two questions:
    1.)i have a non-prof drivers license, can i drive a company car?
    2.)my brother bought a registered company car but he(my brother) did not apply for a change of name in the LTO,so the car is still in the name of the company, can my non-prof driver’s license enough to use the car even if it still under the name of the company? if not, what proof should i present to the traffic enforcer to prove that the car is already a private car?

  10. jaime Says:

    bibili ako ng sasakyan pano ko malaman kung nakaw o hindi, me record o wala? thanks po.

  11. Eddie Says:

    Some traffic enforcers used to hide their name plate so that they can’t be identified.

  12. Jeff Says:

    If “SWERVING” is not a violation, what will be the consequences on my part and what will be the action of a traffic enforcer if they caught me for swerving… Thank You and more power!!

  13. tabs Says:

    hello po..ask ko lang po my student permit npo ako at my exam po ako after 1 month.. i know po na may exam at test drive po…ask ko lang po if mag pay pa sa ky sir nang 150php after nong test drive? kailangan po ba sila byaran nang 150 after ng test drive..nkita ko po kasi after ko mag bayad at narinig ko na ..mag byad dw nang 150php sa kanila..hindi po nag bayad yng mga nag test drive sa kanila sa cashier.don po nag bayad sa lalake na nka pwesto sa labas ng lto himamaylan negros occidental western visayas po… tama lang po ba yun? parang wla po kasi ako nkita sa req nang lto phil.?? correct me if im wrong po…thanks po..

  14. jay Says:

    what if u have only 1 violation for example driving with a expired registration of vehicle are they not going to compiscate your licence please make clear your statement here

  15. Naomi Says:

    I report Officer DELA CRUZ E.F.Jr no. 878 Pasay traffic officer duty in macapagal blvd cor Jose W. diokno blvd around 6:30pm. Who acted to get my drive license with no violation and tried to get my money to let me go.
    I wasn’t swerving at all. And he is asking me to give my driver license.
    One he notice me that I’m a foreigner he try to make lots of reason why he have to take the license to LTO office which is unnecessary. He should be kick out from his job!!

  16. Gabriel Almirañez Says:

    Hey this isnt an answer to your questions, but I, too have been pulled over by the same people in uniform but for a different reason. i was past the “keep intersection clear” mark when the light turned yellow and the officer pulls me over, and asks for my license. though i was able to talk my way out of it, i know for a fact that you need to finish crossing the intersection if you are already past the mark.

    i also have some friends that have been pulled over at the same intersection for other reasons. somehow i find this frequency disturbing.

  17. recca Says:

    you can purchase a book for road reg. from “A1 driving school”. My wife apprehended by corrupt LTO officers 3 times and she always show them the A1 book… ended up na nagmumura na lng sila… by the way don’t ever ever give your license to them or else u will be having difficulty na bawiin without paying lagay… just make photocopy of it which u can show to them… don’t believe about their bla bla about how difficult u can redeem ur license f they confiscate it— thay r just giving u a sign to bribe them…

  18. Ramon Bagtas Says:

    @Jom Pavon – I think we encountered the same hulidaper. Diyan rin ako pare sa may domestic road, kakagaling ko lang resorts world. Same violation and halos same price, 4k daw lahat-lahat. Tanginang modus yan oh! Dapat ma-Tulfo yung mga ulupong na yan.

  19. Jenevy Calumpit Says:

    Tanong ko lang po tungkol sa tricycle namin, kasi di po namin alam na expired na po pala driver’s license nung driver tapos nahuli ng LTO officer at kinuha ang plate number ng tricycle pero kompleto naman papers ng tricycle. Tama lang po ba yun, ano dapat gagawin namin na may-ari ng tricycle.

  20. Mark Says:

    I had the same situation with John. Mine was near Manila City Hall. They said I was in the PUJ lane. I was just following other private cars but they hailed me and lured me into their trap. When I showed my driver’s license, he also mentioned the restriction 4. I argued that it seems pretty stupid and restriction 2 should cover automatic transmission. Clearly he was waiting for me to “settle” but I waited for him to issue the ticket. He pretended to scribble in his paper then he let me through when I mentioned we were on our way to the Supreme Court. I was puzzled why he wouldn’t issue the ticket. Maybe he is not even authorized?

  21. ryan Says:

    Hi.. just wanted to add up sa mga pasay trafic enforcers who’S wearing green uniform are really kotong cups. Twice n po aq nahuli dyan. My tita once, and ung client ko na ofw. N kinotongan din because of vanity plate. sana po mabigyan nyo ng akson yang mga pasay kotong cups na yan. And please give us contact nos where pede kaming makapagreklamo if we encounter again guys like them.

  22. Jonnell Llanto Says:

    I tried to ask a Pasay City traffic enforcer stationed between Gil Puyat ave and harrison Ave., Pasay City (7-11 side, going to Manila) about a possible PUJ violation of making the same corner intersection a passenger terminal. The time and date was 1500H, 10 Aug 2013. But to my surprise, he just replied, I should file a complaint to the City Hall. So I continued to ask him if he had received a seminar about traffic laws, not just ordinances but also the national laws pertaining to traffic. He answered me in the same way. So I proceeded to tell him that the way he answered my question is an indication of a public service personnel discharging his duty under IGNORANCE OF THE LAW. I further proceeded to ask his family name because the name on his shirt is obscured by his traffic vest. He refused to tell me his name and later on moved away.

    Is there any violation of the laws governing public servants as a result of the above action by the said enforcer?

  23. tilapia Says:

    same as bryan’s question

    why is traffic inforcer in cebu or the TMG issueing T.O.P even if we got only 1 violation?

  24. rnel Says:

    @Marc..drivers license can only be confiscated if u hav been issued Temporary Operators Permit by an LTO deputized agents..other than that no one is allowed to confiscate DL..even a deputized agent without issuing T.O.P. cannot confiscate DL..’ur violation is against city. ordinance thus, u can be only issued citation ticket and there is no need to confiscate ur DL..

  25. sasuke Says:

    bakit pag motor lng dala mo at nasita ka na for registration pa lng eh huli agad? bakit pag mamahaling suv or other luxury vehicle eh patay mali lng? d ba pwde na kapag yung motor na binili ay hindi agad mabigyan ng selling company yung buyer ng registration ng unit eh d ba pwdeng cla yung bgyan ng violation? kasi laging kawawa yung mga taong mahirap na bumibili ng motor tapos pinapabayaan ng selling company yung registration nila, pwde bang gawing mandatory sa mga selling company yung pag release ng registration within one week to their buyers/customers?

  26. Alysza21 Says:

    Ako din isa lang naman violation ko ba’t kinuha agad lisensya ko?

  27. mike Says:

    ano po proceseso ng pagtubos ng plaka ng kotse? kinumpiska kasi palaka ng kotse ko. bigla namatay yung isang headlight ko at wala dalawang kopya ng rehistro. kelangan ba iluwas din sa QC yung sasakyan. sa bataan pa kasi ako. thanks.

  28. Andrew mendoza Says:

    I do not have any violation but i was stopped by an mmda officer. He took my license and took a video of it and returned my license to me. What is the meaning of this?

  29. Roel Says:

    I was cited for violation of no parking sign but I noticed the apprehending officer’s motorcycle did not have a valid plate. Since he obviously a violator himself, can I contest my ticket saying the apprehending officer was not competent to know someone else’s violation as proven by his own violation (i.e. driving motorcycle without registration plate)?

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Others: 157 violation is “INSTALLING AIRCON W/O AUTHORITY (TX)”, I dunno if TX means Taxi. Refer to this link for full info on violations

  31. Louise Says:

    Can a traffic enforcer take a driver’s license because of a coding violation? It was the driver’s fault because he forgot what day it was but the traffic enforcer took away his driver’s license.

  32. lileo samonte Says:

    bakit nanghuhuli ang mmda ng private delivery van atang violation ay colorum ? dapat bang tangalan ng plaka ito? tama ba na ito ay hulihin sa metro manila? papano ko malalaman ang sagot ?

  33. hipolito peralta Says:

    nabiktima ka ng mga kutong mmda dahil sigurado pag nag renew ka ng licenes mo sa lto ay na ka alarm na yan ganyan ang mudos ng mga corrupt na mmda enforcer

  34. reyn Says:

    Bakit isa lng violation ko, gusto nila kunin lisensya ko? Di nman ako involve sa aksidente?nag stop lng ako sa pedestrian lane, kasi alanganin ng ituloy dahil red light na. Sbi sa akin sop raw nila. Sa pasig ako nahuli eh.

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