How To Drive Manual Transmission Car

How To Drive Manual Transmission Car

So you are looking forward to study driving lessons from a prestigious driving school or institute out there in Metro Manila. First off there are certain basics you need to learn whether you are looking forward to learn how to drive a manual transmission or automatic transmission car. In a video I found today from searching online in YouTube.Com, I’m glad that there is still some people who have concerns with fellow excited-to-drive motorists out there and share their knowledge in driving.

This video demonstrates and explains the basic principles and thing to know and remember when driving manual cars. If you are on your way to study how to driver safely and eventually get your own driver’s license, this video might be able to help you do things right because believe it or not, you are really going to need the right skills and knowhow in driving when it is your turn to do so on public streets.

For proper behavior while driving, these basic instructional material (via the video) is what you just need to guide you with how to use your manual car user controls and understand what it does when you use them and how and when to use them properly without the fear of getting lost and driver yourself and your passengers the wrong way. Please not that this video is not mine. I found it while searching online so for any concerns regarding this video tutorial, please contact the owner and uploader of the presentation. It’s a 2007 upload so be sure to check on the updates of new cars to avoid confusion. I am merely sharing it here for purposes of basic knowledge in driving on public streets on your own.

4 Responses to “Video: How to Drive a Manual Transmission Car”

  1. wency miguel Says:

    is it possible to get from lto the picture licence of the driver who hit me, he has already warrant of arrest but i dont hev pictures to show it from the police authority. can you help me do this?

  2. tony Says:

    kaya maraming accident sa kalsada dahil binabayaran ang exam ng driving lisence kaya mababa ang kaalaman ng mga driver ng FILIPINAS simpleng sistema hndi maitama kayamas madami mali ngdrive ng sasakyan,lalo na saa mga namamasada ng bus jeep trycicle at ibp.sample lng hndi alm nila kng ano speed limit sa national road at sa town proper road,at ang straight line at ang cut line,pati ang my tama karapatang sa bawat entry point, ang pedestrian lane na my stop light at wla stop light,sana makarating ito sa LTO,one word dahil sa pera ang daming accidente sa kalye

  3. jp mendoza Says:

    mukhang pera mga tga lto..sila na mismo ang dahilan ng mga aksidente sa kalsada kasi ngkakalisensya mga hindi marunong mag drive

  4. kenneth juridico Says:

    its PILIPINAS po not FILIPINAS! hehe

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